Paranoia 05

Clone soldier testing their physical in a moment of breaking out to wreck havoc.

Clone/Replica/Replicant Soldiers are enemies encountered in the KROT-3 Labs and Level K-3.



The Clones first appear in their seats in the KROT-3 laboratory. Later, they get controlled and kill almost everyone in the lab. Bulkier Clones appear on Level K-3, but Major Alexander Kalashnikov kills them all. Zombified versions of the clones are found in the vivisection labs.

Paranoia 2: Savior Edit

The clones appear near the end fighting against the Zombies and especially Alexander.


  • AK-74M
  • RPK-74

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Twelve years back since the Paranoia Mod project was in full swing, there were supposed to be no regular Zombies/Clones at all. Instead, remodelled Gonomes from Half-Life: Opposing Force, had used to take their place as Mutant Zombies, and their sounds are shared from the Walkers, the Dog Beasts, and the Whitley-Thing all together from the video game version of The Thing. It's highly likely that those Mutants that appeared in the 2004 prototype version of Paranoia we're to be replaced by the Four-Armed Mutant Zombies and also the Clones in the retail explained earlier, despite that both the Four-Armed Mutant Zombies and also the Replicants have three alternate head textures, as of evidenced in the prototype footage, here.