PARANOIA is a GoldSrc mod created in 2007.


You play the role of russian officer of the secret service. Your first impressions are that this mission will be just like any other, but you really have no idea what nightmares future events have in store for you...


Training Base AlphaEdit

Maj. Alexander Kalashnikov has recently returned to the secret service after being wounded six months ago. He is then assigned to the Medical Unit to get reintroduced to the medical equipment. He then gets assigned to the warehouse to get reintroduced to the armor and face shield. Afterwards, he heads to chemical training for a gasmask. He then heads to the shooting range for some shooting. However, the alarm rings, and Alex is then ordered to the Alpha HQ for a mission. He is informed that a group of unknown terrorists have taken over the Udarnik Industrial Complex, and have taken hostages, so they are sending spetsnaz to help secure the complex and rescue the civilians.

Udarnik Industrial ComplexEdit

The Major and his team arrive at the Udarnik Industrial Complex at 9:11 AM the next day. They check a worker's hut to find two dead soldiers. The team head for the main entrance only to be suppressed by gunfire, so the major goes to flank the armed hostiles. After hearing gunshots the major opens fire on the terrorists while his team breach the storage houses.

The major meets Kulak and they advance past the railway sidings to a worker's house where the major takes up a sniping position towards another hut where the terrorists are holding hostages. The Major, Kulak and Sovok proceed to Gate 7 for entry.

Deep in the BunkerEdit

Four hours have passed since the explosion and the Major wakes up in a deeper part of the bunker. Only finding his helmet and pistol, the Major goes to regroup with his squad. While moving he gets word from Base about a group of scientists sent to the KROT-1 Laboratories to prevent a future incident after the explosion. However, they haven't made contact since. So they send in DIRIZHER to Level K-4 to find the scientists.

The Major heads up to Level K-3 where the rest of his group are and Kulak informs him to see the head scientist of the KROT-3 Labs. He also mentions that they've captured one of the terrorists and are interrogating him. The Major finds the terrorist, who explains that he and his men were a group of mercenaries hired by their patrons to distract the russian forces so that their patrons' recon team goes into the bunkers undercover and steal information on the research project.

Upon entering KROT-3, Alex speaks to the head scientist, Paulina. She tells him that the KROT project was founded by her Father, and KROT-1 was only in operation for 2 years, when biological contamination struck the lab and a lot of people evacuated.