Paranoia 2: Savior is a sequel to PARANOIA. It was released on February 26th, 2015. It was made by KPL (Kunst-Produkt Laboratories) and is a horror-themed Singleplayer F2P game.


Paranoia 2 retains all the previous stuff from the first game. Where the player can equipped and unequipped the helmet or gas mask. While can be heal by Painkiller after it picked up.


Three weeks have passed since the defeat of the sabotage group. And the major wakes up in a military hospital and finds it deserted.

Cut back to three weeks ago, two hours after the saboteurs were dissolved, the Spetsnaz troops are informed of the creatures breaking out of KROT-1 and spreading across the lower labs. The troops are ordered to do a clean-up and eliminate the monsters. After restocking on ammo, the Major and his team enter the lower labs through the service elevators.

They eventually reach KROT-1 where the command has made a decision to have the laboratory destroyed. However, the infection of the virus had caused ordinary people to become Zombies and afterwards Russia was collapsed by the upcoming outbreak.