Hl mod paranoia 18

Major engaging the Zombie.

Zombies/Zeds are enemies encountered in the abandoned KROT-1 Labs, which takes place during the Bunker/KPOT/KROT/MOLE story arc during the entire Paranoia Series.


There are different types of Zombies.

  • Regular Zombies are former soviet soldiers who have been trapped in the KROT-1 labs for years to come. The R2D Virus had infected all of the soviet personnel, causing them to turn into undead flesh-eaters. As years go by, their bodies had started to decompose over the course of months. They don't have hair, their noses have rotted away, their flesh being almost absent from their face, head, feet and arms, and their eyes turning into a fiery shade of red. They are the first Zombies that you will ever encounter.
  • Clone Zombies are test subjects who have gone mad.


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Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Twelve years back since the Paranoia Mod project was in full swing, there were supposed to be no regular Zombies at all. Instead, remodelled Gonomes from Half-Life: Opposing Force, had used to take their place as Mutant Zombies, and their sounds are shared from the Walkers, the Dog Beasts, and the Whitley-Thing all together from the video game version of The Thing.

Trivia Edit

  • There used to be a bug where Zombies can kill the player in one single swipe in hard mode, but in version 1.2, this was fixed.